Health and Care System Adaptation Report 2015

The report on how the health and care system is adapting to climate change was published in September following submission to DEFRA.

The report was requested by government under the Adaptation Reporting Power (ARP) component of the Climate Change Act (2008) and was produced by a cross system working group (DH, NHS England and Public Health England). The group was formed to assess how climate change risks are assessed, whether adaptation plans are in place and how the impacts of adaptation plans are evaluated in the following parts of the system:

  • Overarching system level
  • National Bodies
  • Providers (NHS)
  • Ambulance Trusts
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups 
  • Community/The Public’s Health (Health and Wellbeing Boards)

Report recommendations

  • The sector should consider actions that improve resilience and reduce the likelihood of climate change. These also bring health benefits for individuals, communities and services as well as financial savings.
  • The health sector needs to monitor the developing impacts of climate change, the effects on the population and the level of preparedness of services and communities.
  • Further support should be given to embed climate change into local thinking and decision making, enhanced by a sound platform of information from nationally collated information and intelligence.
  • Coordination and communication of risks and opportunities could be improved.
  • Future ARP reports should include social care and more information on the role of small providers and community and voluntary sector.

The full report along with an executive summary are available to download below.