Adaptation plans

Responding to and preparing for climate change is an important consideration for all healthcare facilities.  Guidance on some of the considerations is available here through the Sustainable Development Assessment Tool.

A number of national resources are available to help organisations consider the risks and how to best consider their preparation for climate change: 

  • Climate Just is a free webtool for public service providers designed to: Identify who is vulnerable to climate change and fuel poverty and why.
  • The National Severe Weather Plans provide useful support in how to prepare for and respond to flooding or very hot and cold weather. 
  • UK Climate Projections index is a climate analysis tool that forms part of the Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Programme provides data on predicted changes at a local level.
  • The Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation (SHAPE) is a web-based application that can be used to identify how close health sites, including care homes and primary care are to areas of flooding or air pollution risk.